Wellness Break – Day Fifteen

Living in Cordova, Alaska it can be difficult to keep up on your intake of greens. I, personally, lose interest sometimes in making sure I include enough greens in my daily diet. When I was going through breast cancer, I remember being surprised at the amount of recommended greens (was it 8-12?!) we’re really supposed to have in a day. I thought I was doing well!  One way you can increase your intake is by making a green smoothie. And, before you say, “Ick!”, give it a try! You’ll be surprised at how tasty they can be.

This recipe for a Cleansing Green Smoothie is another from Chef and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Andrea Potter. You can find more great recipes at her website: Rooted Nutrition I like using spirulina powder instead of fresh greens when those are hard to find. Which, lately, has greatly improved in Cordova with Kale’n Thyme’s fresh, locally grown greens regularly stocked at the Front Door Store. Their mizuna packs a punch! You can always replace with a green of your choice. An avocado is nice, too!

Cleansing Green Smoothie:

1 banana, preferably frozen
1/4 c. frozen berries (optional)
3 Tbsp hemp seeds (optional)
1 tsp spirulina powder

Water up to 8 oz mark on the blender or use 4 oz yogurt and 4 oz water

Fresh grated ginger on top
pinch of cinnamon (especially if you tend to run cold)
1-3 tsp bee pollen

You can add 1 Tbsp flax or hemp seed oil towards the end of blending
Put all ingredients in blender starting with wet ingredients first. Blend and enjoy!

I used to drink one every morning for breakfast, but they’re great as an afternoon pick me up as well. If this is too cold for you first thing in the morning, you can always pair up this cold smoothie with some warm oatmeal or other warm morning dish of your choice.

May it be of benefit.

Keep tending your fire.


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