Wellness Garden – January Edition

Welcome to your Wellness Garden!

 This series will include a wide selection of seeds you can choose from to sprinkle into your life’s soil, planting and bolstering them however you may choose.

So far, January in Cordova, Alaska has been gray, gray, and oh, more gray! Not to mention feeling waterlogged from all this rain. But, there is that slight sense of us gaining light, which definitely lifts the spirit. We know brighter days are on their way!

This month’s seed packets include:

Zen Meditation Practice
Abhyanga  – Self-massage Practice
Ganesh mantra Practice
Asparagus with Roasted Red Peppers

Zen Meditation Practice
Plant at any time of the day in a quiet, clean space.

When ready, join regular Weekly Meditation Practice with Cordova’s Pathless Way Zendo led by Kelley Weaverling every Sunday via Zoom

If you’re new to Zen meditation or you’d like to learn more, you can join the Zoom room at 9am on Sundays. Regular Zazen begins at 10am using the same Zoom link.

Abhyanga  – Self-massage Practice

Plant in the morning or evening, before or after bathing.

These seeds come from Marita, who many of you know is my dear sister. She has developed this ritual and incorporated it into her life reaping its positive effects.

Ganesh Mantra with Tracey Nuzzi.

Asparagus with Roasted Red Pepper recipe seed packet.

If you missed our December 30-Day Wellness Breaks – Nourishing Nuggets to Nibble on Through the Dark Days of December, here are the links compiled to access for your perusal!

May it be of benefit.

Keep tending your fire.


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