Creative Dance – Your young one’s natural tendencies to move and express themselves freely to music are nurtured in this lively, creative class.  Basic dance concepts are introduced to widen their movement repertoire.  Locomotor & non-locomotor skills are also enhanced.  Class will also have fun with basic tumbling on mats, trampoline and low balance beam.

TumbleTime! – Parent/Toddler- Move together with your young ones as we discover the 15 dance concepts.  Class will also have fun with basic tumbling on mats, trampoline and low balance beam.

Tenderfoot Ninjas- For those younger flipping and flying warriors!  Great, active class for building strength and confidence!

Urban Ninjas- For your older flipper, this class is designed to build strength, confidence, awareness, and courage to stand on their hands, go backwards, dive, and vault themselves through space.

Combo ClassThis combo class offers your younger dancer more dance forms. Dancers advance in barre work and more technical combinations across the floor.  Students learn tap basics as they gain control of their feet and explore different rhythms. In Hip Hop, dancers improve their speed, precision, and strength as they learn basic hip hop dance movements. Student choreography is stressed.

Theater Arts – Theater classes are geared for students to build relationships and develop positive self character traits with team building, following directions, and social interaction. 

In the beginning, theater games with the students will focus on building a positive environment for risk taking to occur. The study of theater is more than costumes, memorizing lines, and rehearsals. At Current Rhythms, our actors develop artistic skills and cultivate their abilities to collaborate, critically think, problem solve, and effectively communicate. Theater Arts enhance both verbal and non-verbal expression of ideas. It improves vocal projection, articulation, pronunciation, fluency, and how to express oneself with the body. But most of all, theater games bring much laughter to all and reduces stress!

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