Summer Dance and Drama Camps


Secret Garden Dance Camp

Murder Mystery Luncheon

Drama Camp

Summer Dance Intensive

June 13-17, 2022

10am-12pm- Group A: Ages 5-8

2pm-4pm – Group B: Ages 5-8


June 20-24 2022


Rising grades 6-8


June 6-10, 2022


Rising grades 7-9


Let’s Plant a Secret Garden Together

Campers will explore the natural world surrounding them to inspire their movement. They’ll also plant their own secret garden!

Campers will play theater games and develop a character for the murder mystery luncheon held at the Pioneer Igloo.

Participants will learn all aspects of theater production in the process.

This camp is designed for dancers who would like to increase their movement vocabulary and explore ways to begin choreographing dances of their own.

Dancers will have a full hour of Ballet/Contemporary technique each day. Dancers will learn basic choreography elements  to create pieces of their own.

Urban Ninjas

Musical Theater

June 27-July 1


Rising grades 1-4


June 27-July 1


Rising grades  3-5


Learn how to take your ninja moves out of the studio and around town. After strength building and mindfulness exercises ninjas will move outside. Ninjas will balance, run up walls, practice their clandestine skills, and flip on the trampoline

Campers will discover all Broadway styles of dance – tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop. Each day campers will have fun developing and creating a scene from a new Broadway show tune.

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