Rise & Shine Yoga – Begin your day setting your intentions and awakening your body in ways that will ripple out positively throughout the rest of your day.

Yoga Sculpt – A refreshing midday break to stretch, strengthen and lengthen the body. Breathe in new energy to keep you going the rest of the day. Option to use 3lb or 5lb weights in the postures.

Bionic Yoga – For those who have never practiced yoga or for those recovering from injuries, this class offers you the basics, introducing you gently to the fundamentals of yoga.

Vinyasa – By definition: vinyasa is the linking of the breath with movement. In these classes enjoy moving through the postures in one continuous flow shifting your body’s energy and leaving refreshed and revitalized.

Hatha Yoga – ha meaning “sun”, tha meaning “moon” Like all forms of yoga, this path is towards creating balance and uniting opposites. This class follows a sequence of asanas (postures) that aim to align your muscles, skin and bones and open the central channel – the spine – so that energy can flow freely.

Slow, Flow & Restore Relax, unwind, and slow down at the end of your work day. This yoga practice will allow you to find your breath in yoga poses while moving mindfully through the poses.  At the end of practice, enjoy a restorative posture, letting go of any held tensions.

Foundational Flow Yoga –  A whole body integrated yoga practice aimed at developing balance, strength, and flexibility on the mat improving overall body mind connectivity.

Family Yoga – Breathe, stretch, play games, & create weekly mindfulness rituals to enjoy with your family.

Yoga for Kids – A great offering for kids to establish routines that help calm, center, and gain focus. Yoga is also beneficial for strengthening full body and overall mindfulness.

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