Power Yoga – Enter the breath, become present, and flow through classic yoga asanas (postures). Relish the time on your mat and absorb the many benefits a yoga practice can offer.

Rise & Shine Yoga – Begin your day setting your intentions and awakening your body in ways that will ripple out positively throughout the rest of your day.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra literally means yogic sleep. It is an ancient technique where the practitioner enters the deep states of conscious relaxation. It is a systematic practice of moving awareness from our external world to the inner world. We will enter a calming state for the mind and body through guided meditation. The practice creates physical and mental activities that change brain waves to release emotional tension, slow down the nervous system, and allow muscles to relax.

 Yoga Sanctuary Series

Saturday, September 23, 10-11am – Transition into Autumn

With the element of air prevalent during this seasonal switch, we’ll enjoy an Earth grounding sequence of asanas with guided meditations and pranayama woven into the practice that connect us with our awareness of change. This practice will support us in greeting change and honoring it in our lives.

Saturday, October 21, 10-11am – Deities

Who are Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati, and Goddess Durga? This class will introduce you to these three goddesses, their stories, their iconography, and their bija mantras. We’ll look at ways to honor them in our daily lives and use our bodies to express their essence.

Saturday, November 4, 10-11am – Meditation and Nutrition

As Autumn continues and the holiday season approaches, what practices can we draw from to help maintain the balance in our lives? This practice will offer asanas which help our immune system, parasympathetic nervous system, and lymphatic system. We’ll enjoy a light refreshment as a reminder of how we can fuel our bodies in a mindful and purposeful way.

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