Lyrical – With its roots in ballet, lyrical dance bases its choreography around the lyrics of the songs. Dance is usually performed in lyrical shoes or bare feet. Music is modern day pop slow songs.

Contemporary – A sister dance to modern dance, contemporary draws more from emotion and stories for its choreography. Collaborative choreography is stressed in this class.

Barre Class – 60 minutes of the best glutes, thighs and hip toning exercises done at the ballet barre (leave your cocktails at home, ladies!)A great class for improving flexibility and grace as well!

Tap I – For tappers with 1 year or less experience.  Learn the basic tap steps to create rhythmic combinations!

Tap II – For those who have more than one complete year of training, this tap class advances in time steps, speed and complexity of combinations.

Theater Arts – Play improvisational games and create short scenes. Acting is great for improving one’s self-confidence, speaking skills, and overall social awareness.

Swing – Dancers will twirl, dip and jump in this all-time American social dance!  Dancers learn the Basic steps as well as many exciting “tricks”.

Dance Fusion Workout – Get ready to move and get your blood pumping!  Lose yourself in the contagious African, Latin & Caribbean rhythms as you warm-up, tone-up, and cool down. Movements can be altered to fit anyone’s level.

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