Lyrical – With its roots in ballet, lyrical dance bases its choreography around the lyrics of the songs. Dance is usually performed in lyrical shoes or bare feet. Music is modern day pop slow songs.

Contemporary – Similar to Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance challenges the dancer to explore athletic floor work and intense expression.

Stretch and Tone – This class will focus on an invigorating midday break. Stretches will concentrate on opening the spine, releasing tension in the neck, shoulders and arms, and increase flexibility in the hamstrings. Individual group needs will also be taken into consideration when designing the class sessions. Strengthening will focus on the core muscles, which ultimately radiates out to our overall health of our spine. Exercises will also include improving our arm, glutes, hamstrings and quad strength. Many weight baring and targeted muscle groups incorporated. Option to use weights.

Sculpt Classes with Mandy – 

Sculpt: Sculpt focuses on toning, lengthening, and sculpting your body with sequences aimed at fatiguing each muscle group. Translation: reps! The kind that makes you feel like a rockstar afterwards.)

What to expect: Medium-high intensity, low-medium impact movements like standing arm sequences, glute bridges and donkey kicks. 

Equipment used: Hand weights, resistance bands, yoga mat

IN DEPTH DESCRIPTION: Sculpt is a beat-driven, full body burn! Expect lots and lots of reps that will work every major muscle group. Traditional exercises such as planks and squats are incorporated as well. 

Part muscle toning, part muscle lengthening, and part cardiovascular training, sculpt is a sure-fire way to improve your endurance, strengthen your muscles and build core strength. Anyone can reap the benefits of sculpt, but it’s especially effective for anyone looking to cross-train as well as anyone wanting to build up lean muscle mass.

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