The North Star Dance Company laid down its roots 4 years ago in November 2016 with their premier performance of original works on the North Star Theater Stage in Cordova, Alaska. These 10 dancers have made the choice to make dance a priority in their busy teenage lives! They have had the pleasure of working with acclaimed artist, Katherine Kramer, who created a piece specifically for the company in March 2017. In March 2019, these dancers had the unique opportunity to set pieces to music by the Alaskan band, The Super Saturated Sugar Strings, to collaborate with them as well as perform their work LIVE with the band. Also last spring, the company exchanged choreography with Dance Momentum, an Anchorage based dance company. Plus, the company dancers got to learn from Okaidja Afroso, visiting guest artist from Portland, who shared his African dance and music heritage and collaborated with both Dance Momentum and the Super Saturated Sugar Strings along with our dancers!

The company staged its own production in February 2020, Incrementum, highlighting four graduating dancers.

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