Wellness Garden – Summer Edition

It’s Summer!

Or is it? It is now July and we’re still waiting for the sun and heat to hit Cordova, while others are experiencing record breaking temperatures. The Summer solstice has passed, a bittersweet occasion for us in Alaska. It marks the longest day of light, which also means the loss of light from here on out. BUT, Wait! Let’s remain present! For now, there is plenty of light. A little more sun would be most welcomed to accompany it, though.

How are you doing?

How have you been balancing out the longer days? Are you seeking ways to cool the fire?

One thing that has been helping me is to still honor my morning rituals. To find some quiet time to read and reflect. To check in on all levels of my being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. How is my breath? Also, when I can, it’s helpful to take a break in the middle of the day. To have some tea…to sit and just observe…to be curious.

This edition will include practices and recipes to carry you through the summer season. I’ll pick up writing monthly again in the fall. These next couple of months will be filled with music, adventures near and far away, and lots of gathering of berries.

I’m hoping you’re finding ways to maintain the balance as we enter the height of the summer season.

Your SUMMER seed packets include:

Panchakosha meditation
Celebrate the Sun Playlist (Listen on Spotify)
Homemade Pesto
NYT Granola
LIVE music!

Panchakosha Meditation

Plant when you need a quick way to relax and recharge.

Pancha = 5, Kosha = sheath

In yogic philosophy, there are 5 sheaths to the human energetic body:
1) Annamaya Kosha (physical body)
2) Pranamaya Kosha (vital energy body)
3) Manomaya Kosha (mental body)
4) Vijnanamaya Kosha (wisdom body)
5) Anandamaya Kosha (bliss body)

It is easy to get caught up in our minds or get fixated on our outer appearances, but we are so much more than that! If you’d like to read more about the koshas, here is one article by one of my favorite yoga philosophy writers, Sally Kempton. But, don’t stop there. There is so much available to us to learn about the koshas!

No special clothing required.

Grab a chair or a cushion if you’re seated on the floor.

Stay anchored in your breath and enjoy!

2 sauces and a healthy snack!

Fresh pesto has always been a favorite around our house and this year we’ve been experimenting with different greens and nuts making use of what we are growing and what we can afford (those pine nuts can be costly!)

Do you have fresh cucumbers growing? Lucky you! The local stores have been stocking some juicy cukes of late, so Tzatziki it is! Plus, the fresh taste of mint! And, that seems to grow under any weather condition, thankfully.

I tried this New York Times Cooking granola years ago and find it to lend a great base for branching off and throwing in your favorite additions. My favorites are coconut flakes, pecans, and mixed dried berries.

May it be of benefit.

Keep tending your fire.



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