Wellness Garden – May Edition

Cultivate Patience

Spring is still chugging along here in Alaska. The photo here on the left was taken May 9. The one on the right was taken just yesterday, May 16, just 9 days apart. I look at photos of my garden this time last year and think: this is a slow sprouting spring. Yet, the next couple of weeks may just blast into full bloom. You just don’t ever know.

How are you doing?

What has spring been opening up for you? How are you tending to your heart’s fire?

April was full of celebrating our dancers and their steadfast commitment to dance an entire season in a pandemic. In the spirit of tuning in to my wellness, I decided to let April’s edition of the Wellness Garden go, knowing I’d pick it back up when I could again.

And, so here we are. It’s the evening of the first Copper River Wild Salmon opener and I feel compelled to connect with you all.

It is also this time of transition from a masked world to a less masked world.

I don’t know about you, but I’m including more grounding moments into my daily rhythm as well as weekly. I’m finding the pandemic really showed me how fast paced and filled up my life had become and I’m not wanting to jump right back in to where I was last March 2020. I’m enjoying taking in my surroundings and really listening.

I’m hoping to maintain this balance as the fishing season develops and summer adventures begin.

Your MAY seed packets include:

10 minute Upper Body Release with Alyssa
Tea and Sadhana
Rhubarb Crack Cake

Tea and Sadhana:

Have you tried Teccino teas?  They are SO delicious! They’re a delight when the afternoon lull slinks in and you’re looking for an alternative to caffeine.

Tea Time is a perfect pause in your day.
Smell the aroma.
Feel the steam sweep across and warm your face.
Tune in to one of your favorite pod casts.
Read a few pages from a book.
Take in your surroundings and reconnect with your intentions.

May it be of benefit.

Keep tending your fire.



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